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By S38y6ZvEMN on Jun 01 in Refineries.

MACOFFSHORE is highly committed to development and maintaining friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with its host communities Leader, Youth Leaders and other Interest groups or prime Actors in the communities.


The company intends to achieve this objective by:

Establishing and maintaining an effective communication channel with host communities

Identification and implementation off air procedures for hiring of local personnel and award of petty contacts in order to give economic empowerment to a number of people effectively residing in the host communities

Establishing a rapid response approach to complaints of the communities’ implementation of a behavior code for company employees regarding community relations and ensuring the observance thereof

Prohibition of employees interference in local affairs as well as behavior regarded by the communities as being inconsistent or offensive to local traditions, customs or religious practices and continual monitoring of the situation as to averting any untoward development

Participation in some social activities of the communities to promote social interrogation

Assisting the communities in the development of identified socially beneficial projects within the limits of the Company’s activities/resources

Assisting the communities in harnessing and developing available local manpower.


Creation of a conducive and thriving environment for optimum local participation.